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Why Jialifu?

Quality Assurance

With complete test reports and total quality checking, backed by lengthy certifications, say ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015, OHSAS18001 SGS, CE, Intertek, etc., zero-defect items are 100% delivered.

Need-Oriented Solutions

We supply HPL lockers, plywood lockers, for all your changing room needs. Our experienced technical team is more than happy to provide tailored solutions. CAD designs & 3D available on request.

On Time Shipment

Equipped advanced production equipment introduced from abroad, and completed by high efficient manufacturing and management system, prompt and on-schedule shipment is highly possible.

Jialifu provide 402 doors school lockers for Repton School Dubai. They made by 12mm HPL. Our engineer Chen go to Dubai f
Jialifu offered 206 sets of fitness lockers for gym fitness centre project in Oman. We recommended HPL compact laminate
Particle board and medium density fiber board are common materials used in commercial lockers. Compa
In order to celebrate the New Year of 2019,Jialifu will have a three-day-off from December 30th,2018