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Contact Us
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Email: sales@hplgymlocker.com

Telephone: +86-20-39252892

Facsimile: +86-20-34795783

Office: No.14th Floor, Building 12, Vtrek Innovation Industry Park, Shibei Industrial Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, China

Factory: No. 16th, Guankeng Village Industrial Road 3, Shibei Industrial Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, China

Technical Support: tech@hplgymlocker.com

To get help from Jialifu professional technical team once you have any problems on Jialifu products , quality, as well as installation or inquire about your warranty.

Design Support: design@hplgymlocker.com

To get help from Jialifu professional design team of your customized scheme and chang the parts design according to your requests.

Production Support: pd@hplgymlocker.com

To get help from Jialifu Production Department to reissue the parts or ask for the sample, or contact us abour the production requirements.

After-sale Service: service@hplgymlocker.com

To get help from Jialifu 24-hour online system to resolve your postpurchased questions on Jialifu products and get the immediate resolutions in time.

Merchandisers Particulars: pmd@solidphenolicboard.com

To get help from Jialifu Production Merchandiser Department to consult on the import and export formalities, invoice, and other related documents.